PropertyLinks is a relationship-driven software solution for the real estate industry. In this highly competitive market, PropertyLinks allows agents to break through the information overload, and easily match properties with potential buyers and tenants.

PropertyLinks enables your team to focus on their important relationships with their contacts. It ensures that your team has the competitive edge by getting the right information to the right people.


  • Properties and Tenancies
  • Contacts
  • Search and Matching
  • Reporting and Administration
  • Marketing and Campaigns

Properties and Tenancies

PropertyLinks enables you to store detailed information on Properties and Tenancies such as dimensions, sales history, as well as property type, department, and agent responsible for the listing. These attributes are all searchable when finding properties for your potential buyers and tenants.


Entering contacts into PropertyLinks is simple and efficient. As well as storing all contact information of owners, tenants, and potential buyers, PropertyLinks allows you to categorise these contacts with a variety of keywords. This enhances your ability to locate relevant contacts for properties, as well as for your marketing campaigns.

Search and Matching

One of PropertyLinks’ key strengths is its ability to search for properties and contacts with absolute ease. Search filters allow you to locate the information you need, with minimal effort. In addition, the ‘prospect’ matching abilities of PropertyLinks, keep you informed with contacts who match your listings.

Reporting and Administration

PropertyLinks includes a wide array of reports to allow management to determine the performance of its team. Reports can be printed to show you the performance of your company, by a variety of measures, all through our innovative Reporting Wizard.

Marketing and Campaigns

PropertyLinks has integrated methods of creating ‘campaigns’ and allowing you to keep track of the results. In addition, the ability to export these lists to compatible file formats, ensures that the information in PropertyLinks can be used on a variety of marketing platforms (both electronic and print). Furthermore, PropertyLinks can re-import data so that you can analyse the performance of the campaign.

More than just a product

PropertyLinks is more than just a product, it is a continued solution that we provide. eMatter offers customisation of its product, and encourages users to give feedback so that the product continues to fulfill its needs. We offer on-going support to ensure your users are always able to get the best out of PropertyLinks.